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If you’re wondering why there’s been no recent posts on Rebuild Hamilton, its because I’m now sharing my content on The Inlet!

The Inlet is a collective of local bloggers and we’ve teamed up to start a site where you can get everything Hamilton Arts & Culture in one spot. The team consists of I Heart Hamilton, This Must Be The Place, Hamilton Small Fries, Not My Typewriter, Cut From Steel, and myself.

This site will continue to run for archival purposes and I may just share something here and there!

It’s been a ride. Thanks for supporting me! Hopefully you’ll be reading my stuff on The Inlet.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for our all updates!

For now, here’s some links to my posts:

Q&A With Principal Architect Bill Curran 

Top 10 James Balfour Buildings In Hamilton

Best of Charles Mills

The Death Of The Fawcett House And A Call To Save Modernity

Best of Hutton & Souter

The #greendoorhouse

An Oasis In The Country: The Millgrove House

Q&A with Architect Emma Cubitt of Invizij Architects Inc.

A look at the new Lakeview Winery Retail and Tasting Pavilion by TCA

See you on The Inlet!


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