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Thomas Allen is an architectural journalist from Hamilton, Ontario. With a background  in history from McMaster University and an advanced diploma in journalism from Mohawk College, Thomas has spent his last five years studying architecture and urban design.

Hamilton is full of architectural gems – some stand shine like a diamond, while others need more attention. As the city is going through a stage of renewal, Thomas thinks it’s important for us to be aware of our built environment.

This blog is more than just architecture, though. It’s about everything there is to love about the city and what we can do as a community to make Hamilton an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

When he is not reading or writing, you can find Thomas wandering or bicycling around the city, frequenting his favourite shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Contact: rebuildhamilton@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RebuildHamilton


16 responses to “About Me

  1. Glad you’re around. Thanks for visiting Modes of Flight; I hope that you see my other 3 blogs on Street Photography around Hamilton (“Hammer Home”).

  2. Hi Thomas, I found your site today and fell in love it. I hope you don’t mind if share it on BuyingandSellingHamilton. It just has a ton of great info.
    Danielle Connelly

  3. Stumbled on you from twitter – we have similar interests – hope you come to the ReNew Hamilton event on James st Oct 18th – we also love this city and do what we can to beautify it @Venni Gardens

  4. anaiira

    I love your blog and the documentation of buildings around a city! It’s a fantastic look into typologies.

  5. Hmmm, Hamilton, hmmm. Never really gave it a thought before, but you certainly seem to have a love affair going with that city. And as Toronto becomes more and more expensive and the voracious developers continue eating huge swaths of the GTA and especially the downtown core, maybe a Hamilton has a bright future with ex Torontonians. You sir, have me thinking, and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work with this blog.

  6. Sara

    Wow! Amazing site. I’m hooked :)

  7. Howie

    I visited my son @ McMaster last week and had the pleasure of an early morning run around Hamilton. I was stuck my the incredible varied architecture of the downtown buildings. I recognized the “Chicago School” style in some of the buildings. I am looking forward to my next visit and will do some research beforehand on the history and architecture of Hamilton.

  8. Karen Moore

    Hi Thomas,

    My name is Karen Moore and I am the new owner of The Burlington Boathouse.

    Would you like to come and see what I have done so far, it’s been so much hard work and loads of fun.

    The crew I have working for me are a great bunch and they truly love being a part of this historical restoration.

    Please feel free to call me anytime, or just drop by!

    Karen Moore
    416 270 4747

    I look forward to meeting

  9. Great blogs. The Parkside one is great as well. Good work.

  10. Oana

    Love the blog and your work to spread the love for Hamilton and it’s fabulous architecture. While I have no formal training in architecture, I’ve always had an interest and a love for it even more so for Ontario and Hamilton since I’m a Hamiltonian myself. Is there a way to subscribe to a mailing list for future events? I would love to go on one of the tours you offer, like the one of the Durand neighbourhood I just seemed to have missed out on :(
    Keep up the fabulous work, we need more people like you out there especially with the hard time the city is having listing some of its old buildings as historic and letting them go to waste instead (in some cases). It really irks me when that happens! I know I need to be doing my part in the preservation of these buildings for the sake of our future generations. It’d be such a shame for them to grow up not having known how beautiful and how much history there is in Hamilton. I’ve fallen in love with it from my first visits here.

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