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PHOTO OF THE DAY – October 26th


National Steel Car gatehouse – 602 Kenilworth N, Hamilton


October 26, 2013 · 5:07 pm

PHOTO OF THE DAY – October 23th


A dovecote at Dundurn Castle – 610 York Blvd, Hamilton

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October 23, 2013 · 8:02 pm

Architectural Spotlight: Construction House


Construction House
John J. Harkness
York Boulevard
Built: May 1984

Built in 1984, the Construction House was a joint venture project aimed to create a space to house the local construction association offices.

The single-storey, 7 500 square foot office building was designed by architect John J. Harkness. The exterior of the building consists of an orange brick with a wavy enclave of windows along the southwestern side, creating an eye-catching wall that faces York Boulevard.


A three sided semi-circular copper-roofed canopy covers the entrance located on Ray Street. The parapet is also clad with now oxidized copper, adding another striking visual touch to the building’s exterior.

The building’s interior was originally used for offices, a plan room, industry library, and meeting rooms.

When opened, the Construction House was (and remains) home to the Hamilton Construction Association, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Hamilton, the Electrical Construction Association of Hamilton, and the Hamilton and District Sheet Metal Contractors Inc. These participating associations represented a total membership of over 500 companies.

The members created the Construction House out of confidence in the long-term growth of the Hamilton area and to bring together the major organizations of the industry.


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