Ted McMeekin visits Mohawk College to announce new post-secondary grant

Liberal M.P.P. Ted McMeekin visited Mohawk College’s Fennell Campus to announce the provincial government’s new grant for students.

McMeekin, a former Mohawk graduate, addressed a room full of journalism students to discuss the 30% discount Ontario students can receive on their post-secondary tuition. The new grant was launched by the province this January and is available for anyone who meets the requirements.

“We’re delivering our promise for making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable for students and families,” said McMeekin.

The grant will amount to $1,600 a year for university students and $730 for college students.

Students who are eligible must be less than four years out of high school with parents who make (combined) under $160,000, gross. While students who are already on OSAP will have their applications submitted automatically.

McMeekin says the grant was not only to help make post-secondary education more affordable for Ontario residents, but also to help the province compete internationally.

“We’re out to make sure that we can outcompete the world,” said McMeekin.

Rob MacIsaac, President of Mohawk College, was in attendance to thank McMeekin and the provincial government for the grant. MacIsaac says the grant is important for the growth and reputation of Mohawk college.

“With this grant our value proposition just got a whole lot better,” said MacIsaac, “it’s going to make education […] more affordable”.

The deadline to apply for the grant this term is March 12th. Over 300,000 students in Ontario are eligible.


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