Architectural Spotlight: Riccio Towers

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Riccio Towers
Upper James St S. and Stone Church Rd
KNY Architects
In proposal

Riccio Towers is a proposed condominium development that would be situated at the corner of Upper James and Stone Church, on the Hamilton Mountain.

At grade, the towers would have a connecting podium with storefronts for commercial usage. The two towers are of a contemporary design, consisting primarily of glass, with an offsetting inward twist at each floor Рa design similar to the Absolute World towers in Mississauga (which just won the Building of The Year award). Both towers would be 30 storeys, with a combined total of 290 units. There are also townhouses proposed for the eastern side of the development Рmaking for an easier, more seamless transition with the surrounding neighbourhood of low-rise buildings, townhouses, and detached homes.

Although this proposed development could be a great addition to the city’s core (the design would undoubtedly add beauty to the downtown skyline), these towers would be a daring, groundbreaking fit into the ever-growing Hamilton Mountain. Additionally, Riccio Towers would also make an easy to spot landmark for the mountain – a reference point for wayfinding in an area surrounded by big box stores, strip malls, and low-rise buildings.

This development would be close to a number of amenities, including the John C. Munro Airport, and just a short drive to the Lincoln Alexander Expressway and the downtown core.



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4 responses to “Architectural Spotlight: Riccio Towers

  1. Ken Allen

    Good article!!

  2. JO

    leave the mountain alone… develope the down town core norh of King where is is needed with all the amandoned dwellings. Bring life back to the downtown. Upper James and Stonechurch is already too busy of an intersection without the added strain of a large developement like this.

  3. Mel

    Land spaces in downtown is limited, the mountain is a fresh start for these glass modern type condos

  4. Mel

    condo’s near Lime ridge mall would be great!

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