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Fringe Review: Bridezilla vs The Apocalypse


Playwright: Aaron Middlemiss
Director: Steff Bishop Lampman
Cast: Laura Ellis, Iain Lacourt, Lila Hunt, Kristi Boulton, Matt Moore, Erik Canaria, Margaret Lintott, Tyler Brent, Andrew Noble, John Migliore, Marty Chenette, Steven Fotheringham, Bryan Fotheringham, Meaghan O’Connor, Katlyn Alcock

Review by: Thomas Allen

“Bridezilla vs The Apocalypse” is a hilarious slasher-style play bound to keep you in suspense. It was like “Shaun of the Dead”, but with lesbians and a wedding.

Laura Ellis played Olivia, the wedding planner/tomboy/hero, who was taught survivalist skills by her father. Little did she know those skills would come in handy when she takes on a new job as a wedding planner.

In an awkward coincidence, she ends up planning a wedding for Lila Hunt’s character, Angora (or Bridezilla). The groom of Angora is Peter (played by Iain Lacourt), an awkward and nervous man who had a one-night stand with Olivia.

Peter’s mother, Farah, was an overbearing control freak hell-bent on ruining Angora’s big day. His Uncle Harold, seemingly ill, showed up with Farah to the wedding and quickly turned into a zombie. After they killed him, the cast carried him around like the film “Weekend At Bernie’s.” It was a clever touch.

The Maid of Honour (Kristi Boulton) and Olivia connect not only as actors, but in the play as well. They become infatuated with one another as the play progresses and a witty, well placed joke is made about “coming out of the closet.” Oh, and their relationship gets steamy (like, real hot).

The zombie attacks were well choreographed and there was plenty of blood spattered on the stage, as well as the audience. The supporting cast was superb and their delivery was impeccable. Every character made you laugh out loud at least once.

If you like zombies, babes, and tuxedo shirts, then “Bridezilla vs The Apocalypse” is the show for you.

P.S. don’t forget to bring a poncho. Or purchase one there for $1.

This article is also published for the Fringe Festival 2013 Community Reviews.


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