Fringe Review: XOXO


Playwright: Meghan Chalmers & Franny McCabe-Bennett
Director: Franny McCabe-Bennett & Meghan Chalmers
Cast: Meghan Chalmers & Franny McCabe-Bennett

Show Type: Comedy
Audience: General

Performed at Gallery #3: James North Studio

Review by: Thomas Allen

The duo of Two Juliets (Meghan Chalmers and Franny McCabe-Bennett) put on a terrific show in “XOXO”, a must see comedy about relationship struggles.

From spinning the bottle, to creating a fluffy on-line dating profile, and even an awkward interview turned coughing lesson, the show was filled with clever humour.

A memorable moment is their lesson about what alcoholic beverage boyfriends aren’t allowed to have if they’re out with other girls. The answer: beer. Catch the show to find out why, though.

It was not only well acted, well-timed, and dramatic. They also sang and danced to some old classics and some new original songs. The dancing accompanying the singing was far from poetic, it was jerky, awkward, and perfect.

Performed at James Street North Studio, the show was very intimate. Both actresses interacted with the crowd in a way that was well scripted and hilarious. It was too hard not to chuckle when this sassy duo looked at you.

Like Abbot and Costello, Meghan set up the bottles and Franny knocked them down. The chemistry they exhibited in their performance was flawless.

This isn’t just a show for women. It’s a show for everyone who’s been in a relationship. And it was totally worth eight dollars.

This article is also published for the Fringe Festival 2013 Community Reviews.


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